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Nez Nelsen Gram Vibes

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution.

With everything. Even Instagram. Initially I was referring to diseases. This was a phrase commonly said when I was in Prev Med School. It referred to drinking water (clean water) to cure infectious diseases. But the more I said this, the more it applied to everyday life circumstances. Specially Instagram. Particularly with how toxic it’s been lately. It’s kind of feeling like Facebook did.



The main reason I steered away from Facebook a few years back was how it made me feel. All the negativity. And with the way it’s looking, we might have a funktification cross contamination. Everyone is talking about negative stuff and the negative vibes.


Like I’ve said before, I like to discuss solutions! Let’s talk about one single small kind act, that you can do for yourself today, that will be enjoyable. Share it on your stories and tag me!


And tell me below what you’re going to do!


Let’s unfunk the gram!!!

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