Midway Moment

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The year is 1942, and it’s June. The Japanese Fleet is put to sea to threaten Midway Island (northwest of Hawaii), hoping to lure the Americans to destruction. In reality it was the Japanese who were ambushed, losing four of their best carriers.


Of all the WWII battles, this one really could have gone either way, although the outcome was not entirely ‘miraculous’. The Midway victory allowed the Americans to take the strategic initiative in the South Pacific. It would be a year and a half before an American offensive directly across the Central Pacific began, but the Japanese had not had time to fortify their island defense line.


Midway was the turning point for us. We finally caught some air. After struggling for so long, we finally came through! Because of this, I often call  these winning turning points in life “midway moments”. Pivotal moments that put you back on top. They allow you to gather your bearings and set strategic goals. 

So many pivotal moments in my life! Meeting my husband supercharged my entire world! Losing 110lbs. straight in the gym 7 days a week for 18 months. But nothing tops becoming a mother to me. It was the ULTIMATE MIDWAY MOMENT 💛


Do you have a “midway moment” I’d love to hear it!


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